Gas Line Bonding May Save Your Home From Fire

If your home construction was between 1990 and 2009, then you may be in danger of fire during an electrical storm. During that time, homes were built using Corrugated csst_0Stainless Steel Tubing, better known as CSST.  This material is more flexible and therefore easier to install. Installing it was popular in Central Ohio during that time.  After 2009, building codes required contractors to bond and ground the gas lines.  This process reduces the risk of a fire during an electrical storm, but homes built prior to 2009 still remain at risk.  If you have this yellow flexible gas line material in your home, you should contact us.  We will inspect it for proper gas line bonding and grounding if necessary.   The initial inspection is free of charge.  Please call (614) 851-0099 for details.   If you want to learn more, read this news story about the dangers of CSST.