Upgrade with a Sump Pump Battery Backup

sump pump battery backup

A sump pump clears water from your basement brought by excessive rain and flooding. There are five types of sump pumps:  pedestal, submersible, battery backup, combination and sewage; all of which are powered by electricity. Of these five types of sump pumps, the sump pump battery backup offers you the assurance of usability even if the power goes out or fails. Its battery propels when the power goes out, so you can continue using the pump.  

A battery backup, aside from a primary sump pump, has a second sump pump. It consists of the battery-powered pump, a powerful battery, a charger and an extra piping. It eliminates water from a sump basin that passes through a discharge pipe on the way out. The battery is long-life and does not require frequent charging.

American Air can also install a water-sensing alarm on your sump pump. With this alarm you will be alerted if the water level grows too high in the sump pump well so that you can examine further before water floods the basement.

Battery backup sump pumps are sold on the market all year long. Upgrade your sump pump and add a battery backup to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Forceful Pumping Power. Some battery backup sump pumps can be very forceful, capable of pumping 3000 gallons/hour at 10 feet of lift.
  • Flexibility. Homeowners can operate the battery backup themselves.
  • Easy to Install. Installation is easy, as they usually use the same discharge pipe as that of the primary sump pump.

Some manufacturers of battery backup sump pumps offer three models that are classified as good, better, and best. The best battery backups are fitted with a larger battery, a more sophisticated charger, and are the most expensive.

Spring lifts the spirits as we see more sunny days and blooming flowers. This season also brings rains, swollen rivers, the rapid melting of snow, and recurrent storms that elevate water table.  Standing water (even just a few inches) can damage furniture and appliances, corrode metal fixtures and wooden posts, immobilize mechanical systems, as well as encourage the growth of bacteria. Don’t be caught in a spring thunderstorm with no electric and a rapidly flooding basement. Upgrade your sump pump and add a sump pump battery backup to avoid water in your basement.