When to Change Your AC Filter: by HVAC Hilliard Oh Services

HVAC hilliard oh servicesThe biggest challenge your air conditioner will have to face this spring and summer is to keep you cool. How can you expect it to run smoothly if it’s been years since you changed the filter? HVAC Hilliard OH services recommend changing the ac filter regularly so it will function properly all throughout the summer months. How frequent is “regularly?” The general rule is to do a monthly check of your AC filter. Replace it with a new one if it looks dirty.

Air filter change is normally within 90 days, although this can vary on certain factors, such as:

  • Filter type. The one to three-inch filters should be replaced within 30 – 90 days while the high-efficiency filters have different conditions. Read your AC’s manual or call the manufacturer to obtain details about changing the filter.
  • Responsiveness to airborne contaminants. Changing the AC filter on a monthly basis is healthier, particularly for those with allergies.
  • Allow pets inside your home. Your air conditioner filter is expected to amass faster compared to an AC in a home without pets. So you would need to change the filter earlier than 30 days to prevent restriction of airflow.
  • The level of toxins inside and around your home. Your home is usually dusty and polluted if you live near a busy road or construction. This requires you to clean the filter monthly to keep the air inside your home cleaner.
  • The number of occupants. The home is dustier and has more airborne pollutants if there are more occupants compared to one with fewer residents. This requires changing the filter on a monthly basis. Alternatively, it is recommended to change the AC filter in vacation homes every six to 12 months.


It is important to remember when to replace your air conditioner filter.

To help you remember this date –

  1. Keep a calendar of filter change
  2. Write the next replacement date on the filter’s edge
  3. Keep a note on your phone


For more details about air filter replacement call American Air for HVAC Hilliard Oh services.

Hardwired Detectors Recommended by Columbus Ohio Electricians

electrician-columbus-ohioThe proper installation of smoke detectors should be important to every homeowner. These safety devices protect you and your family from fire. The NFPA reported that three out of five home fire deaths in 2014 were preventable with funtioning smoke alarms. Hardwired smoke detectors get power from your electric panel and never turn off. American Air licensed Columbus Ohio electricians can easily install hardwired detectors in your home.

Why do our Columbus Ohio electricians recommend hardwired smoke detectors?

  • Reliable. Hardwired smoke alarms receive power from your circuit breaker and will continue to go off unless you turn them off. With the continuous alarm, even deep sleepers wake up.
  • Battery Backup. This means that they will function continuously even if the power goes off.
  • Unified. These detectors have wires that allow them to send signals to the other smoke alarms in the event of smoke. This feature is beneficial for larger houses as it gives plenty of time to evacuate before the other part of the house catches fire.
  • Easy to Maintain. Unlike the battery-powered smoke alarms, hardwired smoke alarms don’t need to be changed as often, making them easier to maintain. 
  • Insurance BenefitsSome insurance companies give benefits for hardwired smoke detectors. Ask your insurance provider if you could obtain a discount for installing a hardwired alarm.
  • Built-in Heat Detectors. This feature found in some hardwired smoke detectors reduces the probability of false alarms.


Calling American Air licensed Columbus Ohio electricians to install a hardwired smoke detector is the right move. Install hardwired smoke detectors and keep you and your family safe in the event of a fire.

Is Your Home Ready for an Electric Panel Upgrade?

random pics 006The electric panel is your home’s electrical system’s command center. Also known as the circuit breaker, its power may be switched off and on and is sent all over the home to the different outlets from the panel. It contains breakers or fuses that will “trip” or “blow” if ever there is a short circuit or an overcurrent. Amps are used to measure its capacity, and the total amp capacity of your electrical panel may vary depending on the age of your home.

With the modern electrical gadgets and huge appliances, get an electric panel upgrade to ensure that it is capable enough to manage all your electrical requirements.

Signs You Might Need an Electric Panel Upgrade

Only a professional electrical service provider can rule out an electric panel upgrade, but there are some signs that will tell you when to replace it.

  • Frequent Glitches in the Electrical System. Frequent glitches are easy to recognize. This includes frequent flickering or burning out of lights, blown fuses or tripping of breakers.  
  • Adding Load to the Electric Panel. If you plan to buy new gadgets or appliances or install an electric-powered hot tub, then you need to upgrade the electric panel. Even home remodeling can be an additional burden to the panel, especially if there is an increase in your home’s square footage. Your electric panel may not be able to tolerate the extra load.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance. If the homeowner’s insurance demand that you install a new panel, then you need an upgrade.
  • Selling Your Home. Upgrading your electric panel will allow you to increase the home selling price, particularly for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The primary reason, though, for an electrical system upgrade is Safety. Fires can start with older electric panels because of overload.


If you have an older home you may have a panel with as little as 100 amps of capacity while modern homes typically will come with 200 or even higher amps. An electrician will determine the amperage suitable to your needs. They do this by performing a home energy audit or by measuring your electricity usage.

Upgrading an electric panel may include replacing old wiring and other upgrades. The cost will depend on the number of amps and any other add-on equipment or upgrades, as well as the building permit fee.

Why wait until something serious happens? Call American Air’s Grove City, Ohio electrical services now and have them check your circuit breaker!

The Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

Licensed PlumberBroken pipes, clogged drains, and an overflowing toilet are some of the plumbing problems that confront us. During these situations, professional help is better than a DIY job. Will you attempt to fix the problem on your own, or will you hire a licensed plumber?

You may know how to troubleshoot small plumbing problems like a leaking faucet. But that small problem grows into a major problem if it “jimmy rigged” or ignored.

Why Hire an American Air Licensed Plumber?

  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured. You are secure hiring professional plumbers. Plumbers at American Air undergo extensive training on simple and complex repairs. They pass difficult state testing. As licensed plumbers, they are understand the latest plumbing trends and accomplish their tasks with ease and quality. All licensed plumber contractors in the US have property damage and bodily insurance.
  • Experienced. They have been exposed to various plumbing problems. This makes them capable of identifying any kind of plumbing issues before it becomes worse, and they know how to handle these problems.
  • Full Plumbing Services. American Air plumbers offer a variety of plumbing services that include replacements, new constructions, repairs, or remodeling.
  • Provide a Diagnosis and Solutions. Professional plumbers will give you a thorough explanation of the main cause of the problem and offer the best ways to fix it.
  • Latest and Right Plumbing Tools. Licensed plumbers use the most up-to-date tools, so the job is efficiently and correctly performed.
  • Reliable Customer Support. To reach them, just call their customer support and solve your problem quickly.


If you have plumbing problems at home, call American Air for professional help from a licensed plumber.

AC Repairs Columbus OH

AC Repairs Columbus OH

Some people think that hiring a professional to service their air conditioner is a big expense. They never realize that it is actually more economical to have it serviced than to wait for another few months until it stops working. Overlooking AC repairs can lead to a more serious problem that might be irreparable.

Here are the benefits of having your AC unit serviced:

  • Prevent Impending Expensive Impairments. Spring and summer will make your AC unit very busy. In some states, the AC will stay turned on into the fall. Just like any machine, the motor and mechanics of the air conditioner will succumb to wear and tear brought by frequent use. Although these units were built to last for a certain period of time, overuse and misuse will shorten the lifespan of the AC. Even the most respectable brands require regular maintenance. Even if you regulate the use of your air conditioner, the parts and motor are still working hard. They can still fail. The small components are usually the first to conk out; like the fan belt, a fan blade or an electric wire. Having a professional inspect and service your air conditioner will prevent any impending problems that can lead to the total impairment of your unit.
  • Lengthen the AC’s Lifespan. Solving minor problems such as loose connections, burnt out wires, and broken belts, will help your unit function much longer. As they say, early detection prevents further damage.
  • Less Waiting Time. HVAC technicians will become busier as the weather gets hotter. The hotter the weather, the more chances ACs will break down. Having a professional check your AC this spring will prevent this from happening. Your unit will work perfectly during the summer heat.


With the change of weather, your air conditioning will become very busy again. Now is the best time to call American Air for AC repairs Columbus Oh.