Is Your Home Ready for an Electric Panel Upgrade?

random pics 006The electric panel is your home’s electrical system’s command center. Also known as the circuit breaker, its power may be switched off and on and is sent all over the home to the different outlets from the panel. It contains breakers or fuses that will “trip” or “blow” if ever there is a short circuit or an overcurrent. Amps are used to measure its capacity, and the total amp capacity of your electrical panel may vary depending on the age of your home.

With the modern electrical gadgets and huge appliances, get an electric panel upgrade to ensure that it is capable enough to manage all your electrical requirements.

Signs You Might Need an Electric Panel Upgrade

Only a professional electrical service provider can rule out an electric panel upgrade, but there are some signs that will tell you when to replace it.

  • Frequent Glitches in the Electrical System. Frequent glitches are easy to recognize. This includes frequent flickering or burning out of lights, blown fuses or tripping of breakers.  
  • Adding Load to the Electric Panel. If you plan to buy new gadgets or appliances or install an electric-powered hot tub, then you need to upgrade the electric panel. Even home remodeling can be an additional burden to the panel, especially if there is an increase in your home’s square footage. Your electric panel may not be able to tolerate the extra load.
  • Homeowner’s Insurance. If the homeowner’s insurance demand that you install a new panel, then you need an upgrade.
  • Selling Your Home. Upgrading your electric panel will allow you to increase the home selling price, particularly for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The primary reason, though, for an electrical system upgrade is Safety. Fires can start with older electric panels because of overload.


If you have an older home you may have a panel with as little as 100 amps of capacity while modern homes typically will come with 200 or even higher amps. An electrician will determine the amperage suitable to your needs. They do this by performing a home energy audit or by measuring your electricity usage.

Upgrading an electric panel may include replacing old wiring and other upgrades. The cost will depend on the number of amps and any other add-on equipment or upgrades, as well as the building permit fee.

Why wait until something serious happens? Call American Air’s Grove City, Ohio electrical services now and have them check your circuit breaker!