4 Reasons You Might Need to Hire a Licensed Electrician Columbus, Ohio

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Electrical failure is the usual cause of home fires in the United States. Over 50,000 are recorded.  The main reason for this is because most homeowners neglect to have their electrical connections checked. A periodic check of your electrical connections by a licensed electrician in Columbus, Ohio is essential to prevent any incidence of fire due to faulty wiring.

Here are 4 reasons to hire a licensed electrician:

  • Interruptions in Lighting Systems. A loaded circuit can cause interruptions in your lighting systems. This usually happens if large appliances like the refrigerator and the air conditioner are connected on the same circuit. These appliances use a huge amount of electricity that can result in dim or flickering lights. Always use a dedicated circuit for huge appliances.


  • System Shutdown or Failure. System shutdown or failure can occur in older homes because these are not designed to accommodate the modern demands of appliances. This results in blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers. These issues are indicators that your circuits are overworked and are incapable of handling your electrical usage. If you are experiencing these problems, an upgrade of your electrical system is required.


  • Multiple Extension Cords. The Electrical Safety Foundation International stated that improper use of extension cords are the triggers of over 3,000 home fires each year. The problem is that several homes do not have enough outlets, so homeowners overload their circuits using extensions cords. Instead of doing this, hire a licensed electrician to install a few outlets. This will prevent you and your family from tripping over the cords, make your home free of cluttered cords, and most of all will greatly reduce the risk of a residential fire.


  • Unmaintained Electrical System.  An unmaintained electrical system is dangerous, particularly for older homes. The most common electrical issues in these cases are old-fashioned circuits, along with bad and rusty wiring. It is always important to have your electrical circuits and wires checked by a licensed electrician to ensure that they are in good working condition.


Hire a licensed electrician from American Air to upgrade your electrical system. Remember, one call does it all.

A Garbage Disposal Offers More Than Just Convenience

garbage disposalProper garbage disposal will make a big impact in reducing the amount of pollutants, contaminants, bacteria and toxins that are released into the environment. Installation of a garbage disposal system offers numerous benefits, including convenience while you rinse your dishes.    

Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

  • Environmental. Foods that are thrown in landfills decay and release methane gas, which is a dangerous greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gas, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is more harmful than carbon dioxide, causing global warming 21 times faster than CO2. Food waste in the U.S. has doubled since 1990, which is very alarming. About 34.7 million tons of food waste was produced by Americans in 2012, calculated to be more than one-fifth of all garbage dumpsites. When scraps of food are crushed up by a garbage disposal and go into a water treatment system, the treatment process eliminates the healthy bio-solids that get used as soil fertilizers. Although methane is also produced by the decomposed organic matter after being exposed to the treatment process, it does not pose any danger to the environment. Methane, during the treatment process, is controlled and converted to clean energy.
  • Easier to Clean. Using a disposal eliminates problems of a clogged drain, leaving your kitchen smelling better. It also prevents insects and animals that are typically attracted to food waste in trash cans and dumpsters.
  • Cost Efficient. A garbage disposal system is cost efficient, using minimal energy and water to operate. Daily use costs only cents on your monthly electric bill and less than 1% from your water bills. Using a garbage disposal for food waste instead of throwing it away, will also save you money on garbage bags.

Tips for Using Your Garbage Disposal

  • Reduce the chance of leaks and burst pipes by not putting fats, grease, and oils into your disposal. These substances will block the internal mechanical parts and of your drain line.
  • Avoid disposing of fibrous foods like vegetables and hard pieces like bones or fruit seeds to prevent the blades from breaking.
  • Check to make sure there are no small dishes or silver in your drain before running your disposal


Hire a licensed plumber Hilliard Oh service provider to install a garbage disposal system in your home and assure the job is performed to the best standards. Even repairing a garbage disposal system would need a licensed Hilliard Oh plumber.

What is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

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Many of us don’t realize that the air inside our home is typically more contaminated than the air outside. It is even more polluted than the air near the roads, highways or industrial plants. Most homeowners think that an air purifier is the best solution, particularly if a family member has asthma or allergies. We recommend using an electronic air cleaner to capture airborne particles in your home. These cleaners attach to your HVAC system, and will filter the air as it passes through, requiring minimal maintenance while doing so.

Breathe Healthier Air from an Electronic Air Cleaner

Indoor air pollutants contain microscopic pieces that are up in the air, such as dust, dust mites, pollen, molds, and animal dander. There are also gaseous pollutants from gas and wood stoves, cleaning products, paints, varnishes, new carpets, and more. Some even have both gaseous and microscopic components like tobacco and cigarette smoke.

There are 2 types of electronic air cleaners.

  • Standard. The standard types of electronic air cleaners charged particles that attach to a plate. They are 95% effective in removing different particles when the plates are clean but lose their efficiency as dirt are collected.
  • Electronically Enhanced Media. This type is a combination of both electronic and media air cleaners, where particles are charged electrically and are accumulated by the huge air cleaning media of a conventional high-efficiency cleaner. Unlike the standard type, it has no plates and its efficiency is maintained all through the media’s life. They are 99% effective in removing varied kinds of particles


Why is an Electronic Air Cleaner the Best Choice?

  • It improves the quality of air inside the home, reducing the number of pollutants and particulates floating through your indoor air.  
  • It covers your entire home; allowing you to breathe clean air in all areas of your home, not just the room the cleaner is in.
  • Its upkeep is inexpensive. Electronic air cleaners generally have one to five years warranties, and American Air can maintain it with the annual service of your HVAC system.


Breathe cleaner and healthier air in your home, contact American Air for electrical services Grove City Ohio.

10 DIY Tips to Enhance Your AC: by Air Conditioning Repair Columbus, Ohio

air conditioning repair upper arlingtonWith the summer heat upon us, expect your air conditioner to be working hard. You don’t need to expect a high electric bill though. Before you call for air conditioning repair in Columbus, Ohio, there are a few hacks you can try yourself. Here are 10 operating and maintenance tips that can enhance your air conditioner ’s performance and efficiency.

  • Remove any weeds, shrubs, tall grass or leaves from the surrounding area of the unit; observing a 3 feet clearance.
  • Shade the condenser.
  • Replace the unit’s filter.
  • Keep your windows and doors to the outside closed.
  • Plug up any air leaks that might be in your attic or around doors/windows.
  • Lower the AC’s temperature by a couple degrees when your home is cooled off. The already cold-existing air will keep your space cool.
  • Don’t open and close registers to control the temperature in your home.
  • Close the curtains and blinds in the sunny areas of your home.
  • Cook meals with a crock-pot or microwave rather than turning on the oven or stove.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights or use the cooler LED bulbs.


Keep your home cool and let your air conditioner function better by checking on the unit today. If you try all of these tips and your AC still isn’t working as well as it should be, give American Air a call for air conditioning repair Columbus, Ohio.


Ways to Reduce Your Water Bill

Plumber Grove City OhWater is a necessity, but we should know how to conserve it. Almost 50% of our daily water usage goes down the bathroom drain. Flushing the toilet is one of the biggest ways that water is wasted in your home, followed by shower heads and faucets. Water conservation is encouraged and practiced in all areas, including those regions where it seems abundant. Hiring a Columbus Ohio Plumber to fix leaky faucets, a malfunctioning flusher, or to install an efficient toilet can help reduce your water bills without sacrificing flow.

Ways to Conserve Water

  • Always check leaks from faucets and pipes. Leaky faucets, even a small drip, can waste 20 g/day. So imagine how much water is wasted with larger leaks!
  • Check your toilet for any leaks. To check any leaks, add a little food coloring in the toilet tank. If there is a leak, the color will appear in the bowl within 30 minutes. It is easier and cheaper to replace the parts than it is to deal with a long term leak.
  • Do not use the toilet as waste bin or ashtray. Avoid throwing toilet paper, napkins, tissues, cigarette butts, or any other small pieces of trash in the toilet. All of these extra flushes waste lots of water.
  • Install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators. Low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators are cost effective and easy to install. They are water-efficient, allowing you to save as much as 50% on water consumption and reduce 50% on the energy cost of heating the water. Low-flow shower heads and faucets consume less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Additional water can be saved by limiting shower time or turning off the shower or faucet when soaping up or wetting your toothbrush. Turn the shower off to rinse off and use a glass to rinse your mouth.
  • Check the water meter. Monitor your water meter every two hours before and after when water is not used. Any change indicates a leak.


Water system upkeep reduces soil saturation that would prolong the life of a septic tank and minimizes any pollution caused by leaks. It also helps you save on utility bill, as well as helps prevent water pollution in nearby rivers, lakes, and local watersheds. Overworked municipal sewer systems can also lead to untreated sewage flowing into rivers and lakes. Even a small amount of water flowing from these systems reduces pollution.

At American Air plumber will not only help in reducing your water bills, we will also help in reducing pollution for a healthier environment today and for the future.