A Garbage Disposal Offers More Than Just Convenience

garbage disposalProper garbage disposal will make a big impact in reducing the amount of pollutants, contaminants, bacteria and toxins that are released into the environment. Installation of a garbage disposal system offers numerous benefits, including convenience while you rinse your dishes.    

Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

  • Environmental. Foods that are thrown in landfills decay and release methane gas, which is a dangerous greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gas, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is more harmful than carbon dioxide, causing global warming 21 times faster than CO2. Food waste in the U.S. has doubled since 1990, which is very alarming. About 34.7 million tons of food waste was produced by Americans in 2012, calculated to be more than one-fifth of all garbage dumpsites. When scraps of food are crushed up by a garbage disposal and go into a water treatment system, the treatment process eliminates the healthy bio-solids that get used as soil fertilizers. Although methane is also produced by the decomposed organic matter after being exposed to the treatment process, it does not pose any danger to the environment. Methane, during the treatment process, is controlled and converted to clean energy.
  • Easier to Clean. Using a disposal eliminates problems of a clogged drain, leaving your kitchen smelling better. It also prevents insects and animals that are typically attracted to food waste in trash cans and dumpsters.
  • Cost Efficient. A garbage disposal system is cost efficient, using minimal energy and water to operate. Daily use costs only cents on your monthly electric bill and less than 1% from your water bills. Using a garbage disposal for food waste instead of throwing it away, will also save you money on garbage bags.

Tips for Using Your Garbage Disposal

  • Reduce the chance of leaks and burst pipes by not putting fats, grease, and oils into your disposal. These substances will block the internal mechanical parts and of your drain line.
  • Avoid disposing of fibrous foods like vegetables and hard pieces like bones or fruit seeds to prevent the blades from breaking.
  • Check to make sure there are no small dishes or silver in your drain before running your disposal


Hire a licensed plumber Hilliard Oh service provider to install a garbage disposal system in your home and assure the job is performed to the best standards. Even repairing a garbage disposal system would need a licensed Hilliard Oh plumber.