Do You Have a Clogged Shower Drain?

clogged shower drainHow many women are annoyed with hair loss in the shower? How many men feel the same way about the women who share a shower with them? A normal amount of hair loss  every day is completely normal for men and women, although it can quickly cause problems in your shower drain. Women tend to have longer hair than men, which is why they are often the ones blamed for clogged shower drains.

Why wait for a clogged shower drain when you can easily prevent this problem by following these tips?

  • Buy a hair catcher. Place the eye catcher over your drain. Get the catcher after every shower and throw the hair into the bin. A hair catcher is just a small item and is very cheap. You can buy it at any hardware store or even in supermarkets.
  • Place one or two rags a few inches before the shower drain. The rags will catch your hair so water can go down easily and freely down the drain. Pick the rags after showering and gather the pieces of hair and throw them into the trash can.
  • Hair on fingers. It is normal to see a few strands of hair on your fingers when you wash your hair. Don’t wash it off with water, as this will only clog your drain. Get a paper towel instead and use it to wipe the hair out of your fingers. Thrown the paper towel into the bin.

If there are already a good amount of hair in your drain, see if a do-it-yourself task will solve the clogged shower drain problem. Try these DIY tricks.

  • Get a metal hanger and bend it to create a hook. Use the bent hanger to pick the hair up and gather them all on a paper towel. This technique works and is effective if there are only a few hair, although it will take time.
  • Use your fingers to pick the hair out the drain. (that is if you have a strong stomach) Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly if you try this.
  • Run or pour hot water down the drain. If there are still a few hair strands left, pour or run hot water down the drain. The hot water will push the strands to run down the drain but do this ONLY if there are just a few hairs left.

Letting hair down the drain is like throwing money down the drain. Standing water on your shower floor is unhealthy, too! So make sure that you implement the above tips to prevent hair from going down the drain and leading to clogs. 

If the problem is worse, then it is time to call a professional plumber. Call (614) 851-0099 to request an estimate from American Air Heating and Cooling!