5 Great Things about Becoming a Columbus, Ohio Electrician

electricianA Columbus, Ohio electrician’s job includes the installing, maintaining, and repairing of electrical wiring, fixtures, and equipment. To become an electrician; one must earn a certification or associate’s degree, complete an industry-sponsored apprenticeship, and become licensed.  It is not a trade to master, but the hard work and dedication quickly pay off.  

Here are 5 Great Things about Becoming an Electrician:

  • It is a noble and respectable profession. Being an electrician in the construction industry is a top, noble and respectable profession. After all, handling electricity every day is nothing to take lightly- requiring a good amount of skill and knowledge.
  • It is not physically tiring compared to other jobs. Although it involves some physical activity, being an electrician requires more problem-solving and having an eye for detail. It allows you to face new challenges for every new project that you handle.
  • It opens the opportunity for building your own business. By becoming an electrician, you get the chance of building your own business. As an electrician, you have acquired a skill that has a high demand regardless of the economic situation. If you are good at managing your financial status and time, you can become your boss by putting up an electrical service company once you’ve gained enough experience. Most electricians start from the bottom and move up by venturing into their own business.
  • It allows you to earn a decent, livable wage. As an electrician, you have acquired a skill that has a high demand regardless of the economic situation. In 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report that the mean annual wage of electricians is $55,590. After gaining more experience, an electrician can earn up to six figures and higher.
  • Job security. In the recent future, less and less young people are pursuing trade jobs, but rather college degrees and jobs in other fields. The demand for electricians has always been very high, and the demand is only increasing with time.

Have you ever thought about becoming an electrician? It is essential that you are interested in working with electricity and have the passion for solving unique challenges required by the practice. With this drive, there is no question that you’ll become a successful electrician!