Buying an Old House? Have the Main Plumbing Line Scoped

main plumbing lineBuying an old house may seem grand, they are full of history and character; but they can also be full of costly problems. A house inspection is critical when buying a house, particularly if you decide to buy an older house. One of the most neglected areas during house inspection is the sewer line. The main plumbing line (sewer line) flows away from the house all the way to the street. Most home inspectors do not check the main plumbing line because it is hidden in the ground. They also do not have the right equipment to check it. If you are purchasing an old home, we recommend having the main plumbing line scoped by a licensed plumber.

Why to Have the Main Plumbing Line Scoped

Prevention. Identifying a problem before it turns up is much better than waiting for it to become serious. Leaking, flooding and foul smell are signs that there is a problem. A plumbing camera is inserted in your internal piping system that helps identify any plumbing issues easily. In older homes, the main plumbing line is typically made of cast iron. These lines can rust and disintegrate over time; allowing sewage to leak into the ground, or tree roots to invade and clog the line. If the camera scope shows leaking or blockage, you will be able to have the problem fixed before you purchase the home. This will save you thousands of dollars and a lot of headaches.

Even if you already own an older home, having the main plumbing line scoped could help prevent a bigger problem before it starts. Call American Air today if you have any plumbing concerns or questions. Our licensed plumbers are available to help!