6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to LED Lights

led lightsLight-emitting diode (LED) is a solid-state lighting device that uses a semiconductor to create light. It is a kind of light that generates light output by utilizing electroluminescence, a material that releases light when electricity crosses it.  LED light fixtures are very popular because they are much more efficient and economical at converting electricity into light. They are easy to replace, more reliable and are available in a variety of colors.

Here are some great reasons why you should upgrade to LED Light Fixtures

  • Illumination. Compared to the standard fluorescent and incandescent halogen lights, LEDs are very reliable and efficient at transforming electricity into visible light output. To convert visible light, incandescent lights use less than 5% of energy and use the remaining 95% into thermal radiation. Ordinary LEDs have more than 90 lumen per watt of energy consumed while ordinary fluorescent bulbs have an efficacy 60 lumen per watt of energy consumed and ordinary incandescent bulbs have an efficacy of 16 lumen per watt of energy consumed.
  • Light Color. Unlike incandescent lights, LED light fixtures produce light in a fairly range of color spectrum. Various colors are achieved by changing the semiconductor material used. Regardless if the LEDs are for residential, industrial/commercial, and automotive use, the color is gauged by Kelvin temperature. This relates directly to the color released at that specific temperature range.
  • Dependable. LED bulbs are very dependable and do not require any maintenance. They last up to over 40,000 operating hours. This means there is less time changing faulty lights, giving you big savings, particularly the commercial or industrial users that leave their lights on 24/7 all year through.
  • Energy-Efficient. LED lights save you on energy costs. Do not be discouraged if LED lights seem expensive. The initial investment can be a bit pricey, but the return on investment will definitely make up for it. You can see it within 18 months from the date of upgrade.
  • Easy to Replace. LEDs have a simple design, making them easier to replace. Some manufacturers have LED lights that resemble the original dimensions of bulbs. These are the PAR series LED lights and E26 medium LED lights. The E26 lights can directly replace the original bulb.
  • Safe. LED bulbs do not get as hot as regular light bulbs do; causing less fires and making them safer for your home and your family.


Remember, however, that some replacement LED lighting fixtures are not direct replacements. The T8 LED tubes can replace fluorescent lamps but need some moderate adjustment. If you need advice on how to replace your halogen and fluorescent lamps, contact the certified electricians at American Air.