Home Heating: The Basics

heatingThe central heating system in your home comprises more than 1/3 of your energy bills. With that said, heating your home can cost you a fortune if you do not plan well. Following are the home heating basics that every homeowner should know before deciding which system to purchase.

The Home Heating Basics

There are 4 main methods used for home heating. Which does your home have?

Gas Furnace

Also known as the forced-air furnace, the gas furnace uses either natural gas, fuel oil, liquid propane, or electricity to warm your home. It circulates warm air through a series of vents and ducts and directs the warm air into the different rooms in your home. A powerful fan located inside the heating unit normally moves the air. Gas furnaces are usually located on ceilings, floors, or walls.

Electric Furnace

An electric furnace works the same way that a gas furnace does. The main difference is that it’s powered by electricity instead of gas- making an electric furnace a greener option.  These furnaces are a great option to have in warmer climates; but if you live somewhere that often reaches freezing temperatures, a gas furnace might be a better option as they reach higher heat temperatures.

Air-source Heat Pump

Unlike a gas or electric furnace, the heat pump does not generate heat. It is a 2-way air conditioner so you can use it during summer and winter. During summer, it moves the heat from the relatively cool indoors to the relatively warm outdoors. The process is reversed during winter. It generates warm air from outside and distributes it inside your home. Most heat pumps used forced warm-air delivery systems to transfer heated air throughout the home.

Hot Water Boiler

The hot water boiler system is typically oil or gas fired. It circulates hot water through a system of pipes in the floor, radiators, or baseboard-heating units. This system can be very comfortable, providing warmth without the breeze created by air circulation. If you intend to purchase a hot water boiler, make sure to get a 90% AFUE modulating boiler with an external temperature reset. This will give you optimal energy savings and comfort.

Another factor to considering when planning to purchase a heating system for your home are the available utilities. Is there a gas service to your house? Is it expensive or economical to have it installed into your house? You should also check the cost of energy of the heating system.

If you are still unsure of the kind of heating system suitable for your home, call one of our certified heating and cooling technicians at American Air today.