Plumbing Advice from American Air

american-airBasic plumbing knowledge is important for everyone that owns or even rents a house. Oftentimes, unexpected blocks or leaks interrupt the entire water flow of your house. Solving simple plumbing problems is easy if you know how to deal with them. Leave the complicated ones to a professional plumber. 
Small do-it-yourself fixes do not require much time and will save you some money. The following plumbing advice from American Air will help you solve plumbing issues at home.

Plumbing Advice from American Air:

  • Identify Your Drainage Pipes. The first important plumbing need-to-know (whether you own the house or not) is where your drainage pipes are. You need to know all the main and secondary drainage pipes that lead to the different areas of your house. This is necessary so you can identify the root cause of the plumbing problem.
  • Correct Use of the Bathroom. Bathrooms are the most abused areas in any home. It is where major drainage blockages and leaks occur. Many times, people treat their toilet as a garbage disposal. Materials such as toilet paper, paper towels, hygiene pads, cotton balls, diapers, etc. are flushed in the toilet and cause severe clogs, blockages, and breaking of drainage pipes. Ensure that drainage pipes in the bathroom are free of all waste materials.
  • Install Drain Filters. Make sure to use drain filters. These are essential tools to prevent your drains from any clogs or blockages caused by accidental or unavoidable debris and clutter. Always clean the drain filters regularly to prevent any deposits, scum or oil from accumulating. These elements can cause flooding in your bathroom or overflow of water in your sink. They are also major hindrances to having a free-flowing drainage system.
  • Learn how to Use Basic Plumbing Tools. Know what the basic plumbing tools are and have them on hand at home.

Learning to solve small issues at home not only saves you time and money but also makes you confident and highly independent! Remember, however, do not to try your hand at fixing plumbing problems you are not capable of doing. Always seek the advice of a professional plumber if you are unsure about anything.