Gas vs Electric for Cooking: Which One is Better?

Buying a stove or range, there are many choices now available in the market, especially with the induction and ceramic tops aside from the traditional gas vs electric. So which one is better? This article notes down the pros and cons of each one.

Gas Stove / Oven

The Pros:

A gas stove provides instant heat, thus you have a more precise control over the heat level. If we see chefs using gas stoves, it is mainly for this purpose.  There is also a lesser chance of burning what you are cooking. When you’re done with cooking, you can just turn it off and not worry about overcooking/burning it when you leave the food on top of the stove.

Gas stoves and ovens are also usually cheaper to operate. This, of course, depends on the cost of electricity or gas in your area.

Another advantage of gas units is that you need not worry in the midst of a power outage and still continue to cook/bake.

The Cons:

With gas stoves having an open flame, the risk of burning or a fire accident is higher. As for the oven, gas ovens have less even heat distribution, hence you have to watch and turn your food in between. However, there are gas convection ovens that will distribute heat more evenly.

With gas being an open flame as well, heat stability can be a problem when cooking in a windy area, such as open grills or spaces.

Gas stove tops are also harder to clean compared to the smooth electric stovetop.

Electric Stove / Oven

The Pros:

Electric stoves/ovens provide a more even heat, and because there is no open flame, the risk of a fire accident is less likely.

With electric ovens having a more stable and even heat distribution, so you need not turn your food in between the cooking time.

Electric units are easier to clean as well.

The Cons:

The conventional electric stoves take longer to heat up, except when you are using an induction type. They also take longer to cool down, and there is latent heat that could overcook or burn your food even after you turn it off.

Ceramic stovetops are very sensitive and you need to be careful with its use.  You could shatter the top by dropping a heavy utensil on it, or by spilling cold liquid while the unit is still hot.

Lastly of course, when there is a power outage, this is another problem to tackle with an electric unit.

Gas vs Electric?gas vs electric

Considering the pros and cons of gas vs electric, weigh your options before choosing, depending on your needs as well as the economy of using either of the two.