Plumbing Problems: Knowing When To Call Your Plumber

We all associate a plumber for common plumbing problems like water leaks under the sink and drainage problems, but there are telltale signs when you need to call your emergency plumber.

Symptoms of Plumbing Problems

Water Bills Become Higher Than Usual

A higher water bill suggests burst water pipes or your toilet’s flush not working properly, causing toilet running all the time. Aside from burst water pipes that will obviously cause some puddles in your basement, floor, or seeping through the walls of your home, or a toilet running all the time.

Slow Draining Toilets

This is a symptom that necessitates an emergency plumber.  This strongly suggests there is a clog along the lines. This might soon get to the point that your toilet gets fully clogged. Do not wait till your toilet gets totally clogged and not working.

Water Heater Problems

If your water heater is not working, this is also an issue of concern especially for safety that needs the attention of your emergency plumber.

Gas Leaks

Aside from usual plumbing problems, your plumber also takes care of your copper pipes and furnace connections. This is one of the most serious plumbing problems that require immediate attention.  This can pose health hazards when there is gas/carbon monoxide leak. Another gas line that needs checking for leaks is when you have built-in barbecues. This is a danger that might not be too obvious since it is in open air and leaks dissipate quickly. Hence, whether you smell a gas leak or not, have your plumber inspect this regularly.

Frozen Pipes

Extreme cold temperatures can cause water to stop running into your home due to frozen pipes.  This needs an emergency plumber to defrost the pipe as well as ensure that the frozen pipes do not crack or burst which causes an even bigger problem.

Need an Emergency Plumber?

Contact American Air to check your plumbing system and thus avoid situations at home that can be anywhere from a minor discomfort to a serious problem.

The Air Conditioner: A Modern Luxury?

Air conditioners have been around for ages since it was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902.  Since then, the use and improvement of air conditioners have come a long way, and its usage has become increasingly popular. So is the air conditioner a modern luxury or a necessity?air conditioner modern luxury

Come to think of it, our great grandparents have lived without it. So, what makes it so much a seemingly necessary appliance?

The Importance of  the Air Conditioner in Our Life

As the population grew, and modernization continued its momentum, more and more uses of the air conditioner have evolved.

More than the comfort of a cooler air, the air conditioner has made a lot of things possible since its invention.  For one, having air conditioning has made architectural structures with more compact designs possible. This makes for a more efficient use of space particularly of offices in an ever-growing population. It also makes possible the large gathering of people in a compact area. Air conditioning also provides comfort for office workers which of course results to greater productivity and over-all well-being. Laboratories and hospitals (at least in the critical areas such as operating rooms) cannot exist without air conditioning.

Summers are also getting warmer, and from a luxury, an air conditioner has become a necessity if we are to preserve our well-being, overall disposition, and health.

The Downside

The big question is the growing over dependence on air conditioners, which of course, has a downside.

In the US alone, cooling America’s architectural structures and vehicles means an additional half a billion metric tons of carbon dioxide released into the air annually.

This is becoming a global concern, and we can all do our part by minimizing our overuse of our AC units. Even turning the thermostat a degree or two up will have a good impact on the environment.  Proper maintenance of our AC units also helps. Air conditioners have also evolved in such a way that AC units have continued to improve.  They have become more energy efficient and thus, beneficial to the environment.

The bottom line is, while an air conditioner has gone from a luxury to a necessity, we need to do our part. Conscientious use and maintenance of our air conditioner will collectively benefit us all, from lower bills to a better environment.

The Most Common HVAC Repairs Columbus, Ohio

HVAC units are built sturdy enough to last for many years, but a diligent maintenance will keep them at optimum performance. Knowing the most common problems and HVAC repairs will help you understand how to keep your HVAC operating more efficiently longer.HVAC Repairs

The Common HVAC Repairs

Blown Fuses

The fuse is what keeps the unit’s compressor or motor from overheating. When the unit stops working, the technician checks this first.


Filters actually need to be replaced or cleaned about every 2 months if your want your unit to be operating smoothly. A dirty filter reduces air flow which causes the unit to freeze.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant keeps the air cool, and hence, when there are leaks, the unit will not keep a comfortably cool temperature. This also will lead to another problem, the compressor.


The compressor is regarded as the heart of the unit, and if the refrigerant levels are low, the compressor will eventually stop working.

Drain Lines

A drain line removes the condensation building up in the condenser coil. If the drain line collects dirt, there will be a water build up in the drain pan and can cause water damage to the unit.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils

Coils remove heat from the air. Check the coils and keep it clean.  Dirty coils reduce the cooling power of your air conditioning system causing your AC unit to work harder. If the unit is off, you can clean it with a water hose.  If you are uncomfortable spraying out the coils then it is best to let an HVAC technician clean it for you.


A capacitor jumpstarts your HVAC’s motor and keeps it running smoothly and at a consistent speed. This, however, can burn up and hence, will not start the motor of the unit. When this happens, only an HVAC professional should tackle this due to the high risk of electrocution.

Knowing these common HVAC repairs will help you in maintaining your unit better to last longer. Read a related post on preventive maintenance of your unit.