The Benefits of the Ductless Heating & Cooling System

ductless heating and coolingEnergy efficiency performance for heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system has truly evolved. From having a traditional heat pump and a central air conditioner that force heated or cooled air through ducts, the newer ductless heating and cooling system may be preferred depending on your needs. So, what are the benefits of having the ductless type in your home?

Benefits of the Ductless Heating and Cooling System

  1. Ductless heating and cooling systems are more energy efficient, thus saving you money. A ductless system uses 25-50 percent less power than older central air conditioner or heating systems. Central systems also lose about 30% of its efficiency because of possible duct leaks and delivery. Moreover, since ductless systems deliver directly into a specific part of the house, there is no loss in efficiency.  You have control as to which areas or rooms need heating or cooling. Thus, you need not pay for heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.
  2.  Ductless systems are easier to install and offer a more flexible solution. A complete ductless system has one outside compressor to connect to either one or more indoor units. Either way, ductless system installation requires just a small hole in the wall, and installation can be complete in a day. Should there be a need for additional rooms, adding new indoor units takes only a little time.  In contrast, centralized systems take weeks to install, and need major construction work in installing ducts through the ceiling.
  3. Air quality is better with ductless systems. Central heating and air conditioning systems require regular professional cleaning. Even with regular cleaning, dust and allergens can still be present. With ductless systems, there is multi-stage filtration to greatly minimize bacteria, allergens, dust, pollen, and other air particles.
  4. Ductless HVAC systems are more environment-friendly than older systems. With advances in chemistry, ductless systems use a refrigerant that does not harm the ozone layer.


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The 411 on Geothermal Heating & Cooling

geothermal heating and coolingHeating and cooling comprise almost 50% of your home’s total energy costs. This is a big chunk of your monthly utility bills, and a big chunk of your carbon footprint! If you’re building a home and would like to make it green and energy-efficient, consider hiring American Air to install a geothermal system.

How do Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Work?

Geothermal systems utilize the natural temperature of the soil to heat and cool your home. The soil is cooler than the air above it during summer while it is warmer during winter. Depending on your area, the actual soil temperatures range from 450 to 750. Geothermal systems use the heat coming from the ground to heat and cool your home. A series of pipes are placed underground around your home. This underground system of pipes, known as the ground heat exchanger, is attached to a heat pump inside your home.

The system absorbs the water during summer and cools it before transferring into your home for air conditioning. Alternatively, water is absorbed and heated from the soil and transferred to your home through the ground heat exchanger heat during the cold seasons.

The ground heat exchanger should be installed during the early phase of your home construction, as it is a big project that involves the whole building structure.

What are the Advantages of Geothermal Heating and Cooling

  • Energy Savings. Compared to oil furnaces, high-efficiency geothermal systems offer an estimated 75% energy savings and 48% savings compared to gas furnaces. This reduces your monthly electric bills and is also advantageous to the environment.
  • Environment-friendly. Geothermal systems do not use fossil fuel but use the natural temperature of the ground instead, so it does not emit greenhouse gasses. This system does not have any negative effects on the air quality or environment.
  • Durable and Longer Lifespan. Geothermal systems are durable and have a longer lifespan, lasting for up to 30 years while conventional heat pump systems may last for about 10 years.
  • Convenience. Geothermal systems transport air into your home in a homogenous manner, decreasing the risk of hot blasts or cold air that are common in conventional systems. These systems reduce the amount of humidity that builds up in the home during the summer months. They also enhance the quality of indoor air and levels of comfort.
  • Home Value.  Installing a geothermal heating and cooling system in your home will automatically raise the value of your home. While these types of systems are becoming more common, there are not many houses on the market that have them.  


Putting together all these advantages offsets the initial investment of installing a geothermal system. Call American Air for a free estimate!

What You Need to Know About Central Air Conditioning

central air conditioningIs this summer heatwave melting you into a puddle on the ground? A lot of people can make it through the warm,  Midwest seasons using only window or portable A/C units. Some get by with just fans. If those aren’t enough to make you comfortable, it might be time to consider having central air conditioning installed.

How Central Air Conditioning Works

Central A/C allows cool air to flow through a system of supply and return ducts. The supply registers and ducts transmit cooled air from the A/C unit throughout your home. As the cooled air circulates in your home, it becomes warmer and flows back to the central A/C via registers and return ducts. This system is one of the most common and efficient ways to cool your home.

If you plan to have a central air conditioning unit installed, the size of your home will determine the size of the unit you’ll need. It is also essential to have the correct size duct work so that the cooling needs of every room are met. The system can be inefficient if ducts are leaky or not insulated. Every seam and joint must be properly sealed. Adding a central AC system can cost less if you already have heating ducts. But remember that the ducts used for heating might not be in the right location or size for optimal cooling.

A central AC unit features a condenser placed outside your home and a fan-and-coil system that is connected by pipes carrying refrigerant. The most common design of a central A/C has the refrigerant circulating between an interior coil and a corresponding exterior condenser with compressor. The air is cooled by the refrigerant and is dehumidified in the process. The air is then circulated by a blower through the ducts all over the home.

Adding a central air conditioner can be expensive, especially if there are no ducts in your home; but most homeowners agree that it’s worth every penny. Contact American Air to have one of our HVAC specialists asses your needs and give you an estimate.

What is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

electrical services grove city ohio

Many of us don’t realize that the air inside our home is typically more contaminated than the air outside. It is even more polluted than the air near the roads, highways or industrial plants. Most homeowners think that an air purifier is the best solution, particularly if a family member has asthma or allergies. We recommend using an electronic air cleaner to capture airborne particles in your home. These cleaners attach to your HVAC system, and will filter the air as it passes through, requiring minimal maintenance while doing so.

Breathe Healthier Air from an Electronic Air Cleaner

Indoor air pollutants contain microscopic pieces that are up in the air, such as dust, dust mites, pollen, molds, and animal dander. There are also gaseous pollutants from gas and wood stoves, cleaning products, paints, varnishes, new carpets, and more. Some even have both gaseous and microscopic components like tobacco and cigarette smoke.

There are 2 types of electronic air cleaners.

  • Standard. The standard types of electronic air cleaners charged particles that attach to a plate. They are 95% effective in removing different particles when the plates are clean but lose their efficiency as dirt are collected.
  • Electronically Enhanced Media. This type is a combination of both electronic and media air cleaners, where particles are charged electrically and are accumulated by the huge air cleaning media of a conventional high-efficiency cleaner. Unlike the standard type, it has no plates and its efficiency is maintained all through the media’s life. They are 99% effective in removing varied kinds of particles


Why is an Electronic Air Cleaner the Best Choice?

  • It improves the quality of air inside the home, reducing the number of pollutants and particulates floating through your indoor air.  
  • It covers your entire home; allowing you to breathe clean air in all areas of your home, not just the room the cleaner is in.
  • Its upkeep is inexpensive. Electronic air cleaners generally have one to five years warranties, and American Air can maintain it with the annual service of your HVAC system.


Breathe cleaner and healthier air in your home, contact American Air for electrical services Grove City Ohio.

10 DIY Tips to Enhance Your AC: by Air Conditioning Repair Columbus, Ohio

air conditioning repair upper arlingtonWith the summer heat upon us, expect your air conditioner to be working hard. You don’t need to expect a high electric bill though. Before you call for air conditioning repair in Columbus, Ohio, there are a few hacks you can try yourself. Here are 10 operating and maintenance tips that can enhance your air conditioner ’s performance and efficiency.

  • Remove any weeds, shrubs, tall grass or leaves from the surrounding area of the unit; observing a 3 feet clearance.
  • Shade the condenser.
  • Replace the unit’s filter.
  • Keep your windows and doors to the outside closed.
  • Plug up any air leaks that might be in your attic or around doors/windows.
  • Lower the AC’s temperature by a couple degrees when your home is cooled off. The already cold-existing air will keep your space cool.
  • Don’t open and close registers to control the temperature in your home.
  • Close the curtains and blinds in the sunny areas of your home.
  • Cook meals with a crock-pot or microwave rather than turning on the oven or stove.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights or use the cooler LED bulbs.


Keep your home cool and let your air conditioner function better by checking on the unit today. If you try all of these tips and your AC still isn’t working as well as it should be, give American Air a call for air conditioning repair Columbus, Ohio.


When to Change Your AC Filter: by HVAC Hilliard Oh Services

HVAC hilliard oh servicesThe biggest challenge your air conditioner will have to face this spring and summer is to keep you cool. How can you expect it to run smoothly if it’s been years since you changed the filter? HVAC Hilliard OH services recommend changing the ac filter regularly so it will function properly all throughout the summer months. How frequent is “regularly?” The general rule is to do a monthly check of your AC filter. Replace it with a new one if it looks dirty.

Air filter change is normally within 90 days, although this can vary on certain factors, such as:

  • Filter type. The one to three-inch filters should be replaced within 30 – 90 days while the high-efficiency filters have different conditions. Read your AC’s manual or call the manufacturer to obtain details about changing the filter.
  • Responsiveness to airborne contaminants. Changing the AC filter on a monthly basis is healthier, particularly for those with allergies.
  • Allow pets inside your home. Your air conditioner filter is expected to amass faster compared to an AC in a home without pets. So you would need to change the filter earlier than 30 days to prevent restriction of airflow.
  • The level of toxins inside and around your home. Your home is usually dusty and polluted if you live near a busy road or construction. This requires you to clean the filter monthly to keep the air inside your home cleaner.
  • The number of occupants. The home is dustier and has more airborne pollutants if there are more occupants compared to one with fewer residents. This requires changing the filter on a monthly basis. Alternatively, it is recommended to change the AC filter in vacation homes every six to 12 months.


It is important to remember when to replace your air conditioner filter.

To help you remember this date –

  1. Keep a calendar of filter change
  2. Write the next replacement date on the filter’s edge
  3. Keep a note on your phone


For more details about air filter replacement call American Air for HVAC Hilliard Oh services.

AC Repairs Columbus OH

AC Repairs Columbus OH

Some people think that hiring a professional to service their air conditioner is a big expense. They never realize that it is actually more economical to have it serviced than to wait for another few months until it stops working. Overlooking AC repairs can lead to a more serious problem that might be irreparable.

Here are the benefits of having your AC unit serviced:

  • Prevent Impending Expensive Impairments. Spring and summer will make your AC unit very busy. In some states, the AC will stay turned on into the fall. Just like any machine, the motor and mechanics of the air conditioner will succumb to wear and tear brought by frequent use. Although these units were built to last for a certain period of time, overuse and misuse will shorten the lifespan of the AC. Even the most respectable brands require regular maintenance. Even if you regulate the use of your air conditioner, the parts and motor are still working hard. They can still fail. The small components are usually the first to conk out; like the fan belt, a fan blade or an electric wire. Having a professional inspect and service your air conditioner will prevent any impending problems that can lead to the total impairment of your unit.
  • Lengthen the AC’s Lifespan. Solving minor problems such as loose connections, burnt out wires, and broken belts, will help your unit function much longer. As they say, early detection prevents further damage.
  • Less Waiting Time. HVAC technicians will become busier as the weather gets hotter. The hotter the weather, the more chances ACs will break down. Having a professional check your AC this spring will prevent this from happening. Your unit will work perfectly during the summer heat.


With the change of weather, your air conditioning will become very busy again. Now is the best time to call American Air for AC repairs Columbus Oh.


Protect Your Home with a Whole House Dehumidifier

whole house dehumidifierA whole house dehumidifier is installed as part of your heating and cooling system and works in combination with your air conditioner, or on its own as required. It eliminates the exact amount of moisture to protect your home from the humid stuffy air without drying the air completely. Compared to an air conditioner that regulates temperature, a whole house dehumidifier keeps your home comfortable and healthy.

Reasons to Purchase a Whole House Dehumidifier

  • Reduces Humidity Levels. High levels of humidity are usually present in basements and crawlspaces, but the excess moisture can go through your entire home. This can make you feel hot and clammy. It attracts allergens such as dust, mites, pests, mildew, and mold that can cause allergy symptoms. With a whole house dehumidifier, the healthy humidity level in your entire house is maintained;, making it dry, comfortable, and healthy.
  • Keeps Home Air Clean and Fresh. It keeps your home smelling fresh and clean by minimizing odors and must that is brought in by mold and mildew.
  • Keeps the Home Clean. It helps reduce dust and dirt so you do not need to clean as often.
  • Preserves Home Items. It protects floors, ceilings, walls and other surfaces from getting moist and sticky. It rids your home of wet blotches on ceilings or walls and condensation on water pipes that trigger allergies.
  • Keeps Foods Fresh. It prevents foods like bread and cereals from getting stale easily.
  • Saves on Energy. A whole house dehumidifier helps your air conditioner operate more efficiently, meaning lower energy bills. The A/C works harder if the air in your home is more humid. 
  • Quiet and Convenient. It runs quietly and efficiently, away from your living space.
  • Low Maintenance. A whole house dehumidifier only needs an annual filter cleaning.


If you need advice on choosing and installing a whole house dehumidifier, call (614) 851-0099. The people at American Air will help you find the ideal unit that suits your needs.

Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

air conditioning repairAmerican Air advises homeowners to understand simple components of air conditioning repairs so their units will work effectively. The most common AC problems are:

  • Leaky Ducts or Refrigerant Seepage

If an air conditioner is not properly charged during installation, it will leak or will have a low refrigerant. Adding refrigerant will not resolve the leak. Look for a qualified technician to repair the leak, test the repair and then charge the correct refrigerant to the system. If the refrigerant is set based on the manufacturer’s specifications, your AC will work efficiently and will not be overcharged or undercharged. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous to the environment, to ensure that your AC does not have any leakage.

  • Inefficient Maintenance

Dirty air conditioning coils and filters will prevent the AC to perform and work efficiently. It can also result in early damage to the fans or compressor. Always hire the services of a qualified AC service technician. Failure to do so can aggravate the existing AC problems.

  • Deficient Electric Control

Frequent turning on and off of the AC could lead to the early deterioration of the compressor and fan controls. The same thing will happen with a large AC unit. Make sure to have your electrical connections and contacts checked by a qualified technician to avoid the corrosion of your system’s wire and terminals.

  • Sensor Issues

The thermostat sensor is a feature of most portable air conditioners. Located behind the control panel, it measures the temperature of air emanating from the evaporative coil. The AC could behave unsteadily or cycle continually if the sensor is mispositioned. The correct position of the sensor is near the coil. To adjust its position, carefully bend the wire that keeps it in place.

  • Drainage Issues

Always check the condensation drain when it is humid outside to ensure that it is not blocked and that it is draining properly. Mount window air conditioners levelly or steadily so they will drain properly.

Repairing AC problems can cost you time and money. If you find yourself in need of air conditioning repair in Grove City OH, hire the services of a qualified and reputable air conditioning repair company like American Air. We will solve any issues in a fast, effective and economical manner.

Save Energy with a Remote Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat

A remote programmable thermostat will help resolve your high energy bills. The heating and cooling systems in a home consume a huge amount of energy, which results in higher utility bills. Is there a possible way to reduce energy bills without sacrificing the heating and cooling in your home?

How a Programmable Thermostat Works

Programmable thermostats are devices that allow you to regulate the temperature of your home based on different settings for different times of the day. They help reduce energy bills by ensuring that your heating and cooling system is set high only in those times of the day that it is needed.  

The total amount of savings on your energy bills will depend on how you use the programmable thermostat. Adjusting the normal setting of your thermostat by 7-10 degrees for 8 hours/day will give you an average saving of around 10% per year.  

You can store several daily settings on the thermostat like 7 or more temperature settings per day. You can even cancel it manually without disturbing the daily or weekly programmed settings.

With a thermostat, you can decrease the temperature during winter and increase it during summer. By doing this, the heating and cooling system work less, which means lower energy costs.

To maximize your savings when using a thermostat:

  • Set the thermostat to remain at its energy-savings level for up to 8 hours per day
  • Adjust its settings if you will be away from home or go on a holiday for several days. A number of thermostats have a “hold” or vacation mode for this purpose.
  • Install a thermostat in every delineated area to maximize comfort and savings if you have a zoned heating or cooling system.
  • Observe proper maintenance by changing the batteries every year or when indicated.
  • Adjust the settings to increase your savings and comfort. Remember that you save around 2% on your electric bills for every one-degree adjustment.


Install a programmable thermostat at your home now and lower your energy bills without sacrificing the comfort of your home. Not only will it save you on energy costs, it will also make your home sustainable.

American Air Heating & Cooling can also install a wi-fi thermostat to give you the ultimate control for comfort in your home. With a wi-fi thermostat you will be able to control and program the settings using a smart phone, tablet or computer.