The Most Common HVAC Repairs Columbus, Ohio

HVAC units are built sturdy enough to last for many years, but a diligent maintenance will keep them at optimum performance. Knowing the most common problems and HVAC repairs will help you understand how to keep your HVAC operating more efficiently longer.HVAC Repairs

The Common HVAC Repairs

Blown Fuses

The fuse is what keeps the unit’s compressor or motor from overheating. When the unit stops working, the technician checks this first.


Filters actually need to be replaced or cleaned about every 2 months if your want your unit to be operating smoothly. A dirty filter reduces air flow which causes the unit to freeze.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant keeps the air cool, and hence, when there are leaks, the unit will not keep a comfortably cool temperature. This also will lead to another problem, the compressor.


The compressor is regarded as the heart of the unit, and if the refrigerant levels are low, the compressor will eventually stop working.

Drain Lines

A drain line removes the condensation building up in the condenser coil. If the drain line collects dirt, there will be a water build up in the drain pan and can cause water damage to the unit.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils

Coils remove heat from the air. Check the coils and keep it clean.  Dirty coils reduce the cooling power of your air conditioning system causing your AC unit to work harder. If the unit is off, you can clean it with a water hose.  If you are uncomfortable spraying out the coils then it is best to let an HVAC technician clean it for you.


A capacitor jumpstarts your HVAC’s motor and keeps it running smoothly and at a consistent speed. This, however, can burn up and hence, will not start the motor of the unit. When this happens, only an HVAC professional should tackle this due to the high risk of electrocution.

Knowing these common HVAC repairs will help you in maintaining your unit better to last longer. Read a related post on preventive maintenance of your unit.






Most Common Air Conditioning Repairs

air conditioning repairAmerican Air advises homeowners to understand simple components of air conditioning repairs so their units will work effectively. The most common AC problems are:

  • Leaky Ducts or Refrigerant Seepage

If an air conditioner is not properly charged during installation, it will leak or will have a low refrigerant. Adding refrigerant will not resolve the leak. Look for a qualified technician to repair the leak, test the repair and then charge the correct refrigerant to the system. If the refrigerant is set based on the manufacturer’s specifications, your AC will work efficiently and will not be overcharged or undercharged. Refrigerant leaks are dangerous to the environment, to ensure that your AC does not have any leakage.

  • Inefficient Maintenance

Dirty air conditioning coils and filters will prevent the AC to perform and work efficiently. It can also result in early damage to the fans or compressor. Always hire the services of a qualified AC service technician. Failure to do so can aggravate the existing AC problems.

  • Deficient Electric Control

Frequent turning on and off of the AC could lead to the early deterioration of the compressor and fan controls. The same thing will happen with a large AC unit. Make sure to have your electrical connections and contacts checked by a qualified technician to avoid the corrosion of your system’s wire and terminals.

  • Sensor Issues

The thermostat sensor is a feature of most portable air conditioners. Located behind the control panel, it measures the temperature of air emanating from the evaporative coil. The AC could behave unsteadily or cycle continually if the sensor is mispositioned. The correct position of the sensor is near the coil. To adjust its position, carefully bend the wire that keeps it in place.

  • Drainage Issues

Always check the condensation drain when it is humid outside to ensure that it is not blocked and that it is draining properly. Mount window air conditioners levelly or steadily so they will drain properly.

Repairing AC problems can cost you time and money. If you find yourself in need of air conditioning repair in Grove City OH, hire the services of a qualified and reputable air conditioning repair company like American Air. We will solve any issues in a fast, effective and economical manner.