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As a society, we’ve become very dependent on electrical power. Lighting, television, refrigeration, computers...electrical power is no longer a luxury, but a necessity of our daily life. So when there’s an electrical problem it can be very stressful, and possibly unsafe.

  • Rely on the electricians at American Air Heating & Cooling for all your electrical needs.
  • Our technicians will keep your home safe and assure uninterrupted electrical service.

Do you have light switches or receptacles that aren’t working, breakers that keep popping, wiring issues, or maybe you need a ceiling fan or surge protector installed? Don’t wait... call the professional electrical contractors at American Air Heating & Cooling to identify your electrical needs, and we’ll assure that your home has clean, reliable, uninterrupted electric service.

Safety Inspection and Upgrades

The professionals at American Air recommend a home electric system inspection every year.* A comprehensive electric safety inspection can protect you and your family, save money, and save energy.

  • Rely on American Air for a comprehensive electrical safety inspection.
  • Our technicians identify potential safety hazards, and upgrade with the highest quality parts and best practices.

Our comprehensive safety inspections are performed by our top notch electricians, and can identify fire hazards, overloaded circuits, old wiring and many other hidden dangers.

After the inspection, the electrician will provide a comprehensive inspection report, identifying any issues that need to be addressed immediately.

Some common safety upgrades include:
- Replacing old switches and outlets
- Replacing faulty smoke detectors
- Adding dedicated circuits and outlets for appliances
- Replacing outdated electric panels

*We also recommend a full inspection when adding a new appliance, if you’re planning a renovation to your home, or when moving to a new home.

Installing New Circuits

Just like all electronic components, the circuits in your home can get old, wornout, and overused... causing your circuit breaker to trip. At a minimum, the tripping of the circuit is an inconvenience.

  • Electrical circuits can get old and overused.
  • American Air technicians are qualified to inspect and replace circuits that are not functioning properly.

Trust the professionals at American Air to inspect your electrical circuits and, if necessary, replace circuits that are not functioning to capacity.

American Air is proud to serve you... keeping your home safe from inconvenient electrical outages as well as other hidden dangers.

Hard-Wired Smoke Detectors

Be safe, not sorry.

Everyone knows that smoke detectors are designed to alert you to fire, or the occasional burned casserole. But smoke detectors can’t help you if the battery is dead.

  • Traditional smoke detectors rely on battery power.
  • If the battery fails, the smoke detector is useless.
  • American Air technicians are qualified to inspect and replace circuits that are not functioning properly.

The professionals at American Air recommend “hardwired” smoke detectors that connect to your home’s electric system...instead of the traditional battery powered versions.

Short of a power outage, hard-wired smoke detectors will always have the energy necessary to alert you to danger. For added security, hardwired systems also offer a battery backup system.

Don’t be caught without the safety and security of functioning smoke detectors in your home, call the professionals at American Air.

Service Panels

Is your home's electric panel outdated or overloaded? An insufficient electrical panel can cause electrical disturbances, and could possibly be a safety hazard.

  • Call American Air to inspect your electric service panel.
  • Outdated or Overloaded panels can be unsafe.

Call the professionals at American Air to inspect and assess your electrical panel. We’ll discuss options to update your existing panel, or install a new one... whatever it takes to keep your home safe.

Note: If your panel is a Zinsco or Federal Pacific brand, we recommend that you consider updating to a new model, for the safety of your family.

Whole House Surge Protection

An electrical surge is an overflow of electricity that bursts through your home’s wires with potential to damage electronics. With additional stress being added on an aging electrical grid, it has become more and more important to add surge protection to help protect your home and your appliances from damage or even house fires.

  • Electrical surges are damaging to electronics and can pose a fire hazard.
  • The professionals at American Air can install a whole house surge protection system that will protect you from costly damages.

The most effective way to protect your home from damaging electrical surges is to install a whole house surge protector.

Trust the professionals at American Air to install a state-of-the-art surge protection system that is guaranteed to protect your home from the damaging effects of electrical surges.

Installing New Light Fixtures

Do your light fixtures flicker, hum, dim, or burn through bulbs prematurely? It may be time to bring in the professionals at American Air.

  • Light fixtures should never flicker, hum, dim, or burn through bulbs prematurely.
  • American Air technicians are qualified to inspect and replace light fixtures that are not functioning properly.

Poor electrical connections, overused or old circuits, or improperly installed dimmer switches...there are many issues that could affect the quality of your lighting.

Our certified electricians will inspect your home and get to the root of the problem.

If it’s determined that you need new fixtures, our technicians will install worry free, attractive, interior or exterior light fixtures. American Air... we’re proud to serve you.

Thermal Imaging

Expose hidden problems with your electrical, heating and ventilation systems.

Thermal imaging provides a “snap shot” of your homes temperature measurements and thermal sensitivity results. With the use of this technology, the professionals at American Air can literally see through your home and identify potential problems.

  • Thermal imaging technology can expose hidden problems in your home.
  • American Air technicians use this technology to keep your home safe and comfortable.

The thermal scan is a visual snapshot that can expose:
- Overloaded devices and circuits
- Inadequate wire sizes
- Costly heat loss in walls
- Malfunctions in the HVAC system

Gas Line Bonding

In the 1990s a new gas piping material was introduced in the U.S., called corrugated stainless steel tubing, (CSST). This new material (typically Yellow in color) is more flexible, easier to install, and less prone to leaks. However, CSST piping is more susceptible to electrical surges in the event of a lightning strike.

  • Does your home have CSST gas lines?
  • Trust the professionals at American Air to bring your gas lines up to code.

To keep your home safe in the event of an electrical surge, CSST gas lines are required to be professionally bonded and grounded.

If you’re not sure if your CSST gas lines are properly bonded and grounded, contact the professionals at American Air Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will inspect your gas lines, and if necessary, bring your house up to code. Trust American Air... One call does it all.

Gas Line Bonding Video

Device Replacement

Outlets, switches, lights and more.

Trust American Air to replace your home's electric devices. Our certified professionals can replace/install all kinds of home components, using the highest quality brands and best practices. And every project comes with an American Air satisfaction guarantee.

  • Trust he professionals at American Air to install/upgrade your homes electronic devices.
  • American Air uses only the top brand name products and best practices.
  • Every project comes with our American Air satisfaction guarantee.

So don’t wait any longer... Call the professionals at American Air to install those dimmer switches, doorbells, light fixtures, outlets, etc.

American Air... Proud to serve you.

Installing Flat Screen TVs

Leave it to the professionals.

Don’t be tempted to “Do it Yourself”... a simple mistake could be costly. The professionals at American Air have the skills and knowledge to install your wall mounted TV properly... saving you time and money. AND, we guarantee professional results. American Air... proud to serve.

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