Hardwired Detectors Recommended by Columbus Ohio Electricians

electrician-columbus-ohioThe proper installation of smoke detectors should be important to every homeowner. These safety devices protect you and your family from fire. The NFPA reported that three out of five home fire deaths in 2014 were preventable with funtioning smoke alarms. Hardwired smoke detectors get power from your electric panel and never turn off. American Air licensed Columbus Ohio electricians can easily install hardwired detectors in your home.

Why do our Columbus Ohio electricians recommend hardwired smoke detectors?

  • Reliable. Hardwired smoke alarms receive power from your circuit breaker and will continue to go off unless you turn them off. With the continuous alarm, even deep sleepers wake up.
  • Battery Backup. This means that they will function continuously even if the power goes off.
  • Unified. These detectors have wires that allow them to send signals to the other smoke alarms in the event of smoke. This feature is beneficial for larger houses as it gives plenty of time to evacuate before the other part of the house catches fire.
  • Easy to Maintain. Unlike the battery-powered smoke alarms, hardwired smoke alarms don’t need to be changed as often, making them easier to maintain. 
  • Insurance BenefitsSome insurance companies give benefits for hardwired smoke detectors. Ask your insurance provider if you could obtain a discount for installing a hardwired alarm.
  • Built-in Heat Detectors. This feature found in some hardwired smoke detectors reduces the probability of false alarms.


Calling American Air licensed Columbus Ohio electricians to install a hardwired smoke detector is the right move. Install hardwired smoke detectors and keep you and your family safe in the event of a fire.