When to Change Your AC Filter: by HVAC Hilliard Oh Services

HVAC hilliard oh servicesThe biggest challenge your air conditioner will have to face this spring and summer is to keep you cool. How can you expect it to run smoothly if it’s been years since you changed the filter? HVAC Hilliard OH services recommend changing the ac filter regularly so it will function properly all throughout the summer months. How frequent is “regularly?” The general rule is to do a monthly check of your AC filter. Replace it with a new one if it looks dirty.

Air filter change is normally within 90 days, although this can vary on certain factors, such as:

  • Filter type. The one to three-inch filters should be replaced within 30 – 90 days while the high-efficiency filters have different conditions. Read your AC’s manual or call the manufacturer to obtain details about changing the filter.
  • Responsiveness to airborne contaminants. Changing the AC filter on a monthly basis is healthier, particularly for those with allergies.
  • Allow pets inside your home. Your air conditioner filter is expected to amass faster compared to an AC in a home without pets. So you would need to change the filter earlier than 30 days to prevent restriction of airflow.
  • The level of toxins inside and around your home. Your home is usually dusty and polluted if you live near a busy road or construction. This requires you to clean the filter monthly to keep the air inside your home cleaner.
  • The number of occupants. The home is dustier and has more airborne pollutants if there are more occupants compared to one with fewer residents. This requires changing the filter on a monthly basis. Alternatively, it is recommended to change the AC filter in vacation homes every six to 12 months.


It is important to remember when to replace your air conditioner filter.

To help you remember this date –

  1. Keep a calendar of filter change
  2. Write the next replacement date on the filter’s edge
  3. Keep a note on your phone


For more details about air filter replacement call American Air for HVAC Hilliard Oh services.